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Florida’s Telecommunicator Emergency Response Taskforce (FL-TERT) is a joint initiative between the Florida Chapters of both APCO and NENA and is part of the Florida State Emergency Response Function under ESF 8/9. Florida TERT has a governing body comprised of a State Coordinator and Regional Coordinators to assure resources are available to deploy aid, that response adheres to the National Joint TERT Initiative Standards and follows the protocols of FEMA/NIMS, and provide standardized training to all of Florida’s telecommunicators to best prepare for and respond during TERT deployments.


Florida TERT involves a comprehensive program that includes assistance to Emergency Communications Centers across the state and leads to the establishment of predetermined and selected teams of highly committed and well-trained telecommunicators who can be mobilized quickly and deployed to centers in their time of need.


This website is your home to all information about the Florida TERT program, your window into the history of our teams many successful deployments, and your directory to FL-TERT contacts, relevant forms, and links to additional TERT resources.


In addition to this site, please be sure to follow Florida TERT on Facebook where we regularly share information about upcoming training, deployment readiness, and news about great things happening with ECC’s and Emergency Management in the State of Florida.

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